Announcement from The Scott Family to the members of

The Carolina Jaguar Club

On June 21, 2017 Scott Jaguar expects to finalize the sale of their Jaguar franchise to Hendrick Automotive Group. Scott Jaguar has proudly represented the renowned vehicle to its automotive clients for over thirty years. With the Scott family heritage of sixty-three years in the Charlotte business arena, we have maintained a legacy comparable to the Jaguar brand.

Since 1954 the Scott name, beginning with Hutton Scott Company, Scott Buick, Scott Cars and lastly as Scott Jaguar, has been a mainstay in the automobile business in the city of Charlotte. Although our fran-chise and location changed over the years, our quali-ty of service and care to our customers and employ-ees have continued to reflect the high standards of honesty and integrity set forth by the dealership’s founder and patriarch of our family, W.B. “Bill” Scott.

The Scott/Smith families considered, at length, the requirements needed to meet the future demands of a Jaguar franchise. We believe that financial in-vestment and/or securing a new location would compromise our ability to serve our current custom-ers and employees, and the Charlotte business com-munity at-large as a family owned and operated business.

We have had a long and rewarding business venture in Charlotte. We have delivered thousands of vehi-cles over the years and to all of our customers, we extend our heart-felt gratitude. And, to our “Jag” customers over the last thirty-plus years, we are grateful to have had the opportunity to serve you and we thank you for your loyalty and friendship.

Our utmost appreciation goes to our employees, who have truly become part of the Scott family. Many have been with us for decades. They have shared in the milestones of our lives, celebrated births of our children, carried the caskets of our grandfather and fathers. We are grateful for their dedication to our business, their kindness, and their friendship to our family.

Finally, we would like to recognize the life’s work of three generations. Each person in our family has worked at this dealership in one capacity or anoth-er. Even the fourth generation of great-grandchildren have occasionally answered phones or filed invoices during their summer breaks. Virgin-ia Scott, the unshakable matriarch of our family, considered it her job for sixty years to bring in holi-day treats of homemade candies for our employees. We have been a family, always, united by this busi-ness. The Jaguar franchise will be sold but the Scott family’s history and legacy has no price.

It has been our honor to be among the last bastion of “old-school, family-owned” car businesses in the city. To the Charlotte Automobile Dealers Associa-tion, and all our colleagues in the area, we bid you a fond farewell. And, to Charlotte, The Queen City, thanks for the ride!

Respectfully submitted in memory of Bill and

Virginia Scott.

Dene Scott Smith

Jim Scott II

Jenni Scott

Andy Smith

Zack Smith

Lauren Scott Vanevenhoven

William B. Scott III