Take Advantage of ALL Your Member Benefits

As we begin another exciting year of camaraderie, fun outings and road trips, now is a good time to think about how we can each get the most out of our memberships.

Here’s what our low-cost membership fee buys: 

Camaraderie / Fun:

  • The opportunity to enjoy camaraderie in many ways with others who share the love of the Jaguar marque
  • 12 full months of local / state-wide membership in the Carolina Jaguar Club (SE 21), a fully affiliated regional club of Jaguar Clubs of North America (JCNA)
  • 12 full months of JCNA membership
  • 12 full months of JCNA / CJC (SE 21) membership for spouse or partner. Our memberships always include spouses.
  • Special memberships available for “Young Enthusiasts” (Adults between 19-24 years)
  • Monthly meetings to learn, share and just be with fellow enthusiasts
  • Fun trips each month organized by our special Event Team. There’s something for everyone.
  • Annual Christmas Party / Annual Meeting Event
  • Annual Concours D- Elegance to show and compete with fellow members from around the nation
  • Annual General Meeting (AGM) opportunity to meet others from around the nation, attend really fun events, participate in competitions, serve as local club designate, etc.
  • Opportunity to attend and participate in JCNA North American Challenge Championships events that offer a plethora of attractions, competitions, etc. to suit every desire
  • Discounts on Heritage certificates
  • Concours, Rallies, Slalom programs
  • New Jaguar Foundation which will enhance services provided by JCNA


  • 10% discounts on parts, labor and merchandise from several NC Jaguar Dealers
  • Discounts on and special insurance for your beloved cat through special insurance firms connected with JCNA.


  • Full year subscription to the renowned Jaguar Journal, a bi-monthly publication with regional, national and international information pertaining to all matters of Jaguar. The Jaguar Journal alone is a tremendous value for your membership dues.
  • Full year subscription to our own local newsletter, the Litter Box, The Litter Box will keep you in the know with its great articles, calendar of events, and newsworthy items of interest. The Litter Box is a well-created and edited newsletter by passionate fellow members with contributions welcome from all members.
  • Opportunity to submit articles, questions, sales items, etc. to the Litter Box for publication.
  • Opportunity to submit articles, suggestions and other submittals to the Jaguar Journal.
  • Regional Membership Directory of names, vehicles and contact information for other members to confidentially retain as a resource for connecting with other members for sharing a multitude of matters, such as technical care, advice, etc. Also, includes our club’s by-laws, leadership and committee chairs, etc.
  • Excellent website – jcna.com.
  • JCNA Shoppe with rare and desirable Jaguar publications, regalia, etc. at fire sale prices. Great service and delivery.

Jaguar Repair / Technical / Maintenance / Care:

  • Free Tech Line Help and Forum Advice with Jaguar expert via toll-free access to technical advice, 24/7, to help you maintain, service, condition or repair your Jaguar
  • Free technical advice from fellow members
  • Free tool loan program from JCNA

Participation / Competition / Points:

  • Opportunity to compete locally, regionally and within North America for JCNA points and awards in various special events such as Slaloms, Rallies and Concourses
  • JCNA Official Membership Card that identifies members for competition, participation and fun
  • Confidence of knowing you have liability insurance for all sanctioned JCNA events
  • Opportunity to be a part of the leadership in the regional and within the JCNA club
  • North American and Regional Awards presented at the JCNA AGM or shipped to participants at the end of year.