Route 66 In An E-Type Day 1

May 22, 2017 | Route 66

Day 1: Huntersville, NC to Indianapolis – 575 miles

Today’s objective will be to put as many interstate miles behind us as possible.  We top off the tank with ethanol-free premium and set off under a beautiful Spring sky.


An hour north, the skies open up and we soldier on through the rain in NC, VA, and WV.  Luckily, Jeannie has thought to treat the windshield with Rain-X prior to our departure – like with all British cars, the Jag’s wipers are mostly vestigial organs.

We make a stop in Charleston WV to refuel and eat lunch at an elegant restaurant.  As we switch to fuel with ethanol, the Jag begins to express its displeasure by “buffeting” at speeds over 65mph.

The rain continues to dog us through Ohio and most of Indiana.  Other than ethanol issue, the E type has performed flawlessly – our first day shakedown has been a success.