The Carolina Jaguar Club

2020 Virtual Concours

Sponsored By Hendrick Jaguar Charlotte. 


Champions Class

Champions Voting

Champions Voting

For those that obeyed the rules class

Display Class

(Driver Missing)

Display Voting

Display Voting

Social Distancing - IE the Driver is missing.


This virtual concours is of course a sanctioned one – sanctioned by the authority of those having authority.

You must follow rules, rules, and more rules.  You are invited to enter this contest by observing the following protocols:

1. Decide to participate (i.e. register in your mind)

2. Clean, clean, clean your car

3. Choose a location to take a photo of your car

4. You and your spouse or significant other must also be in the shot

a. Your car is clean, so be sure to have taken a bath yourself within a week or so of taking the photo

b. This step is important since we haven’t seen each other in months – a virtual reunion of sorts

5. Prepare to take a perspective angle shot of your car showing the front and drivers side

6. Use the following link to review your photographic expertise


b. Since many of us are in our golden years, we should use the golden hours of the day for the photo shoot

7. In light of COVID19,  you must position yourself on the right side of the photo and your spouse on the left side of the photo

a. Be sure to “social distance” at least 12 inches from the car

b. In lieu of actually wearing your mask, you may instead hold it in your hand by your side – we need to be sure it is indeed you after all

8. Submit the photo along with your name and JCNA concours class in which you wish to compete to Richard at:

9. The deadline for submission is midnight July 15, 2020.

10. Each one of us is a “qualified” judge and will use our expertise to vote in every class category we choose.

a. More on viewing (judging) the cars and  the voting process in the July Litter Box

Winners will be presented in the Awards Ceremony edition of the Litter Box in August

We look forward to”seeing” each other and our beautiful cars soon!

Jerry Tester, Concours Committee Chair

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