The Carolina Jaguar Club 2023 Concours Overview and Presentation

Thanks To Our Sponsors
And The Winners Are...

Concours by the numbers

People                                     142
Cars                                         60
Rain                                         None until the bottom fell out at dinner time
USO                                         $1,525
Rally                                        17 teams left Switzerland Inn
17 teams returned
Sponsors                                 4
# of Clubs                                13
# of years represented on the Lawn    70  (1949 – 2019)
# Treats given to Addie           Incalculable
Thank you to:

Steve Thomas , Chief Judge
Mike Meyer
Dave Morgan
Karoline O’Rourke
Denis Connaghame
Ray Sicotte
David Hayden
Greg Gaylard
Barry Harms
Bruce Robilard
Stewart King
Nick Patitsas
Jeff Fausak
Rick Wotring
Don Koepnick
Harvey Farris
Mark Lovello

Phylis Watts
Ambrosia Garcia
Beth Brouilette

Tally Table
Ken Watts
Neal MacArtor

Bill and Margaret Bingham

Field Marshals
Jerry Tester
Jeff Fausak
Michael Brouilette
Jim Crowell
Nancy and Kevin Willis
Roberta Allen
Mimi Morton

Russell Hodge
Lorraine MacArtor
Phillip Reid

Wine Pull
Sheri Hodge
Elaine Crowell
Carrell Chase
Sindy Hill
Nancy McKay
Nan Tester

Registration Table
Jerry and Nan Tester
Don & Peggy Koepnick
Greg Gaylard

And countless others who answered the call for help at the last minute!