Carolina Jaguar Club 2022 Officer Election
Absentee Ballot // Proxy Designation
(Instructions: Complete the blanks above for your Name and JCNA # and place an X in the blank to the right of your ONE choice for each office, including any write-in in the blank provided.)

As a member in good standing of the Carolina Jaguar Club, I, the above-named member, hereby appoint Diane DuFour as my designated proxy for the Carolina Jaguar Club 2022 Elections and authorize my proxy to cast the vote of my membership number for the following candidates (or write-ins in the blanks) on the November Election date. (Note: If you have inserted a write-in candidate other than yourself, you must also send with your ballot the written consent of the person.)

You may also print and mail this form t
Mail To:
Diane DuFour
7524 Lady Bank
Charlotte NC 28269


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