Let me start this by thanking you for electing me as the new VP Events. It will be my honor to serve you in 2019. I hope to bring a variety of fun events to the club and to spread them across the state so as to give all our members a chance to meet locally to their area.
While we have our club meetings there are also other events that can be attended by members in smaller local groups outside of the main club meeting. To facilitate these I will be posting an assortment of other non official events on the club Facebook page and club facebook group as well as the website. This can be viewed at www.carolinajaguarclub.com/events.
Ted Hill and I met a couple of weeks ago and laid out some plans for the next year. There is talk of changing the road trip to another month earlier in the year but this has not been finalized by Gerry Ellison.
Looking into the new year this is a draft of the schedule to help you all plan for the upcoming events.
Jan: We have a small gathering at the workshop of HRC motors in Denver NC. HRC motors is a Jaguar restoration business owned by Hector Castro. Please visit Facebook to RSVP. 
Feb is the new members meeting. We are planning this for the second or third week in Feb. I am seeking a fun and different location for this years meeting so watch this space.
March is Judges training month. This year we are going to have a lunch followed by training for those that want to participate. In addition to this we are going to arrange a special event for those not attending training. After the training both parties will reconvene and we will end the day with a group setting.
April: this month we attend the Annual gathering at the Shelton Vineyard. This has become a staple in the club and so plan on being there again this year. We are planning to have a group lunch/picnic. the weather can be temperamental at this event so we will keep an eye on that as the time gets closer.
May: This May we are potentially having the road trip. Details to follow. This very well may be the famed Gerry Ellison and Judy Meyers road trip.
June we have been invited to Motor Fest by XK’s unlimited. It is going to be in VA so this may well be a weekend trip. Details to follow.
There is also a trip to England being planned by Judy Meyers.
July is our Concours. Its going to be in Little Switzerland again and is being headed by Jerry Tester. As usual we need volunteers and members to participate in the organization of this event.
August we are going to take a trip to the mountains.  It will be a full day and will include lunch and a planned feature and a destination. As the summer months are generally hot going to the mountains will help us all cool down a little.
Sept. For our eastern members we are going to plan a beach event. We are thinking an overnight given the summer is coming to a close. Suggestions welcome for this.
There is also a trip to England being planned by Judy Meyers. Dates approx. 11th – 19th.
October: We will attend Eurofest in conjunction with the NGJC and South Carolina JC. We plan on making this a Jaguar dominated event.
November. We will hold our elections as usual. Given the hospitality shown by Jaguar Cary we are going to request the dealership as a venue again
December. This is our traditional Christmas party.
Cars And Coffee etc. NC is littered with cars and coffee/British car events. We would like to create a roster where local events can be attended and coordinated by local interested members. These will be posted on our social media and facebook page along with the local contact info. Please email me with your events. These are not official club events but will enable so socializing between members.
This year I plan to make the payment of events a little easier. We are going to create space in the website for advance payment of events where needed. The funds will go straight to the treasurer. This will enable a little more flexibility for members to get last min payments in and will provide us with an attendance list.
I welcome all suggestions for events and venues though out the year. Please send them to my personal email rlloydroberts@me.com
Richard Lloyd-Roberts VP events.