2000 Jaguar XJR

A True Classic British Racing Green Sedan


A very good condition 2000 XJR in classic British Racing Green. Will be a collectable car. Rated at supercharged 370 HP. Very well maintained—has been used as “daily driver”. Approximately 145,000 miles. All matching serial numbers. Has won multiple popular vote awards at the Gathering British Car Show every year.

Numerous service actions over the past several years:

  • Trunk mount Factory CD player plus aftermarket Sirius XM receiver (cassette player does not work). New antenna motor in 2016
  • New battery—2013
  • New alternator–2013
  • Replaced most of ignition coils
  • New water pump & thermostat—2015
  • ABS/Cruise Control circuit repair—2015
  • New front seat leather upholstery—2016
  • New tires—2017
  • Front brake pads & rotors—2017
  • New windshield–2017
  • O2 sensor—2018
  • Silver Star headlights—2018
  • New keyless entry fob—2019

Asking $5,900.

Please contact Doug Boike at DrBoike@aol.com or 336-416-9398 in the Greensboro area.

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