The February meeting this past Saturday was attended by 53 old and new members at the Starmount Forest Country Club in Greensboro. We enjoyed a talk by Philippe Dorier, regional director, Ferrari Club of America-Southeast about their March 12 VIR event. They are hosting two days of full-track racing experience.

It’s an exciting time to be a member of the CJC! There are so many events this year as Ron Kuligowski covered in his review of 2018. There is something for everyone – whether you want to show, display or simply enjoy the comradery of Jaguar enthusiasts – we have it all! Due to space limitations the minutes for the meeting will be published in the March issue of the LB.

Our March meeting is when our chief Judge, Ed Howey, conducts the judges training for those of us that need to update our current judging credentials or for those that want to become judges or for those who want to learn more about how Jaguar models are judged. Ed is a great teacher and ensures that everyone passes the test at the end of class. Really!

And, speaking of upcoming events, Scott and I just received our registration information in the mail for The Gathering, April 20-22 at Shelton Vineyards (yes, there will be wine!) in Dobson, NC. As noted on their mailing, if you’re planning on showing your Jag, registration must be postmarked by March 15. You may also register online at Our April meeting will be on Saturday, April 21 at The Gathering.

We need ‘all hands-on deck’ for our concours in Little Switzerland, July 12-15. Please considering volunteering at this event. If you’re a new member, you may want to consider signing up to work the registration desk. This would be a great way to meet people as they arrive at the hotel’s lobby. Or, sign up to help set up and monitor the silent auction where there is a lot of member interaction. I’m thinking of getting a referee for the silent auction this year to keep some over-zealous bidders (Ann Rhyne) from holding me back from bidding on an item that…. oh, well. That’s a whole other story. And my version, the truthful one, would take too much room here. Suffice to say, I’m doing push-ups, Ann.

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